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We design products to help organizations & developers create more secure online solutions and streamline the software development process. is a distributed authentication & authorisation system with enterprise level encryption. offers each business their custom branded mobile security application that it can distribute with its clients or employees. Even more, through custom push notifications, offers a new communication channel with the applications' users. technology comes packed up with the tools you'll need to protect against major threats like phishing and man-in-the-middle type of attacks: three ways to authenticate, transaction authorisation & encryption keys help you protect your application's data.

Data is AES-256 encrypted and we use TLS on all communication. Your data is securely saved with trusted providers like Amazon Web Services and Bahnhoff.

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Screen 1 is a CDN for configuration files that provides their storage and distribution for each application, its environments and versions. Changes in configuration files are pushed to the server instantly. uses technology to login and encrypt all your data with AES-256.

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Screen 1 is a log management system that encrypts all your data with an application key. Each user has access to the logs through their own encryption key that is sent in the browser. There's zero-knowledge of your data both in transit & at rest. uses technology to login and encrypt all your data with AES-256.

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