About us

We make sensitive data irrelevant

The current paradigm of developing and deploying applications (either in the cloud or on-premise) assumes the existence of a physical / virtual infrastructure that needs to be protected by either adding layers over layers of controls or by adding several monitoring and alerting systems (including the ones based on user's behavior and AI). Even though we think they add their value, we also believe that the main reason they exist is because data hosted in those apps is "relevant". That means that if someone pass all the controls, they'll get access to sensitive information.

What if data would be "irrelevant" or there would be no data to capture? What if there'll be no password to access? Or, if data hosted would be encrypted in a way that would be (practically) impossible for a human / machine to read? We've developed our technologies trying to answer these set of questions.

Our main service, UNLOQ.io, provides secure authentication, transaction authorisation and encryption keys. Beside this, along the way we have developed some other services that we needed in order to provide our authentication, transaction authorisation and encryption key service. sconfig is an encrypted CDN for configuration files. LogLet is an application logs management system.

We work as a distributed team from London and Cluj-Napoca and levarage our growing network of white hackers to test and validate our solutions.

Contact Information

  • UNLOQ Systems LTD.
    TechHub Moorgate
    101 Finsbury Pavement
    London EC2Y 9AU
  • team@unloq.io