Secure your data in the cloud

Access the technologies & services that will help you make your valuable data "irrelevant" to hackers either by removing it altogether (as in case of passwords) or by encrypting it in the browser. is a distributed authentication & authorisation system with enterprise level encryption. Data is AES-256 encrypted and we use TLS on all communication. Your data is securely saved with trusted providers like Amazon Web Services and Bahnhoff.


Loglet & sconfig are services that enable developers and application admins to manage their application logs and configuration files securely.

Both products use technology to login and encrypt all your data with AES-256.

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Generating your custom branded mobile security application is a few clicks away and is part of the default services we provide through

In case your business case looks a bit different we'd love to get in touch.

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Who is it for?

We use a combination of cloud services, on premise deployments and custom development to make sure you're in the best position to securely serve your customers & employees.

Software as a Service

Build your custom branded mobile MFA solution for the same price you'd pay for SMS two-factor authentication. On top, you'll open a new communication channel with your users through push notifications.


Are you looking to build a mobile bank? A custom mobile solution to go with your service or, even more, an entire fintech solution? We've got you! We have the tools and skills to build secure & scalable solutions.

Platform as a Service

Partnering with UNLOQ will open the doors for a new set of services for your clients.

Health Industry

We can help you encrypt your pacients' records beyond recognition. Authorised personnel only will be able to decrypt and use them.

Infrastructure as a Service

Beside securing the access to your systems, UNLOQ offers you the tools to stay in touch with your users through push notifications.


From consulting your development teams to building your systems from the ground up we are here to support you secure your business.

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